5 Things to have on your website

5 Things You Need to Have on Your Website

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The top 5 things that you should make sure that you have on your website may seem really easy and obvious when you read this but how many of them do you have on your website right now? When was the last time that you took some time to review your website? Take a read of this guide to really get your visitors engaged in your website and know what they need to do when they visit.


5 Things You Need to Have on Your Website


Here is a quick rundown of some key elements that you should include on every website, what they do and why they are important. One of the best things you can do when you are reviewing your website is to actually think about it and read it as if YOU were the web visitor. Look carefully at your website from a visitors point of view rather than your own point of view.


1. What’s in it for me?

The reason why anyone is visiting your website is that they really want to find out “what’s in it for me?” Although they really do want to know what you do and that they are in the right place for what kind of services that you offer, they are truly not interested in YOU. Their first issue is 1) What’s in it for me? and 2) can YOU solve THEIR problem. So make it really clear about what solutions you can give, what problems you can solve, why working with you is really going to help them. Please DON’T make it a list about you, your credentials, what you have achieved, they really won’t be interested. Once they know that you could be the right person to solve their problems, make their lives easier or provide the knowledge that they need, not only will they stay and explore your website but they will want to come back and visit again.


2. Clear “Call to Action”

Make it really easy to your website visitor what course of action you want them to take. Do you want them to download something, do you want them to contact you, do you want them to read something? Make it really clear on every page, what action it is that you want your web visitor to take. A call to action button is a great way to do this and could be anything from a “read more” button to a “download here” button. Have a clear call to action on every page of your website too.


3. Website Contact Form

Make it really easy for people to get in touch with you. I would recommend a separate page in the top navigation of your website and have a contact box added within that page so that people who want to get in touch simply provide you with their name, their email and an area where they can write a short message to tell you what they want to get in touch with you about. Make sure you have some sort of Captcha on the form to make the entries that you receive via the form, as secure as possible.


4. Make it easy to find you

Make it easy for people to find you and find out more about you. Add social media links on the bottom of your website and other relevant places on your website, so that they can visit your other channels to find out more about you and see how you interact with other people. It helps you give others an opportunity to really find out more about you, who you are and whether they could be a potential fit for working together ot=r buying your services or products. It strengthens your authenticity and you knowledgeability about your area of work and expertise.


5. Write a Blog

Make sure your website has a blog. This serves to add to the knowledge that prospective clients want when it comes to the “what’s in it for me?” scenario. For your blog content you can talk about a subject that will interest your visitors. Write about subjects that can (at a lower entry point) help you to solve their problem and give information and advice and at the same time, it adds value and establishes you as a “go to” person in your subject area. Make sure that you write your blogs using simple, effective and easy to understand language in a way that really adds and gives value to the reader.


So, here’s a little exercise for you to do after reading this article. Spend a bit of time reviewing your website. Try and look at it from the point of view of your website visitor and see how it reads back to you and how with this perspective, you could make some enhancements to your website. Tick them off the list:


✔ Does it answer the question “What’s in it for me?”

✔ Does each page have a clear call to action?

✔ Does it have a contact form?

✔ Would your web visitors know where else they can find you?

✔ Can you share your knowledge and help others via your blog?


If you don’t have all of these elements on your website yet, then implement them one step at a time. Take the time to make your website the best it can be to capture your audience and gain your future clients!

What improvements can you make on your website today? If you’re feeling stuck, then get in touch to see how I can help.


Imogen Allen

Imogen Allen

I work with businesses to develop websites which create the best customer journey. A website which will help, inform and transform prospects into clients by sharing knowledge and building trust with a human approach.

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