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Are you worried that you have not set your new 90-Day Goals yet?

This Month’s Guest Blog

I am delighted to bring to you this month’s Guest Blog from the very inspiring Clare Farthing. Clare’s passion is working with women in business to help them find their own confidence and to propel them towards achieving their goals and inspire their own success in both their personal and business lives. Clare has a passion for goal setting and I asked her if she would share her wisdom in a blog post to help anyone who is still trying to work out their own goals and aspirations for the year ahead.

So, read on to be inspired by Clare’s advice, tips and suggestions on “how to” get started with your goals if you haven’t already. More information about Clare and how to get in touch with her is at the end of this article if you want to reach out to Clare and have a chat with her if you have any questions.

Over to Clare!

Are you worried that you have not set your new 90-Day Goals yet? There is still time!


There is so much hype on the lead up to New Year about New Year’s resolutions and goal setting but don’t panic if you’ve not set your 2018 goals yet!

I am a HUGE advocate of 90-Day Goal Setting, however, in all honesty, if you are yet to carry out your 2017 review and set new goals for the year ahead, it’s not too late.

Firstly, block out some time just for you in your diary and I don’t mean a quick hour. If you are serious about making progress in your business in 2018 you must put some hard work and effort in and this all starts with being organised and planning!

I am always amazed at what comes out of my focused, quiet time whether it’s on my own when goal setting or it’s over coffee with a business friend or on a client coaching call and we’re digging deep on a challenge they have.

Take yourself off out to a quiet coffee shop or hotel if you cannot do this at home as it’s so important you give yourself the time and space that I cannot stress it enough.

Allowing myself time to stop and smell the roses on a 90-Day basis is a must for me. It allows me to review how far I’ve come (or not!) tweak any goals and their deadlines, learn from the fails and celebrate the wins!


My top tips are:

1. Hold a year-end review as soon as you can; reflect on 2017 and ensure you have celebrated your wins, taken on board lessons learnt and carry forward goals that you didn’t achieve IF they still serve you and your clients. Don’t be afraid to remove goals or change their deadlines.


“A goal can be set in stone and the deadline moved in the sand!”


2. Next, it’s time for a brain dump of all your ideas and plans, be it for you, your family or your business! I find an A3 Artist Sketch Pad is just the job!

3. I then pull out from that what I’m going to achieve over the next 90-Days usually it results in an income goal or ‘X’ number of new clients or products sold.

4. The ‘One Thing’ (thoroughly recommend reading the book entitled this!) i.e. the one goal then is dated, 90-Days from today. At the bottom of the page, I write today’s date. Then I list out all the tasks/daily actions that need to be taken from today to 90-Days’ time in order that I’ll achieve the goal set. This applies to family, personal, health and/or business goals – you could do a sheet for each goal you wish to achieve. However, don’t pick too many or you’ll become overwhelmed and end up procrastinating or context switching and not achieving anything or doing it ALL badly!

5. Each month take time to check your analytics, review your goals and tweak as necessary. Remember, it’s okay that a goal can no longer serve you or your clients or can be pushed back if timescales change.

6. Don’t forget to review regularly and book the time now in your 2018 diary at least a couple of days in December where you can allow yourself the time and space to reflect on 2018!


And, have some fun with it all!


Oh, one final tip…

7. I love to create an Inspiration Board to reflect all my goals for a new year ahead. There is something about visualisation being a much stronger message for our brains. When you are having your down days, you can draw on inspiration as to why you are doing some tasks that you perhaps don’t enjoy as much as others or why you are working late or on a weekend.

It’s also a very powerful tool if you have negative family members around who don’t believe in you or children who wonder why you may be working rather than having fun with them!


Get creative with the family!

Get the whole family involved and buy a basic cork pin board, cover it in some funky paper – if you’ve got girls you can always add glitter to the edging of some plain wrapping paper to make it pretty!  Grab an array of magazines, or if you are like me and don’t buy them – print off pictures that reflect your goals from the internet and some inspiring quotes are great too!

You’ll also need a glue stick, scissors and make it fun with snacks and chocolate! Set some family goals too…. day trips…. weekends away…. a trip to the cinema…. zoo…., perhaps that big’ once in a lifetime’ holiday, or even a newer car than the one you currently drive!


They don’t all have to be HUGE goals some can be as simple as treating yourselves to a coffee and cake or a takeaway once a month!


About Clare Farthing

Clare Farthing is a Coach and Mentor and works with women in business whether you are still employed and looking to launch your own business, or are running it alongside your job or you are looking to launch a new product or service or feel stuck in your business. Clare will work with you to understand where you are in your journey before getting to work with you on your confidence, vision and to help you set goals and how to go about taking daily action to achieve this and keeping you accountable!

If you’d like to find out more about Clare Farthing and her Inspiring Success programmes for Women in Business, you can Visit Clare Farthing’s Website

A huge thank you to Clare for sharing some very practical steps to get you started with your goal setting or if you’re feeling a bit stuck. If you would like to be considered as a guest for my blog, then Get in Touch!


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