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How to Use the Best Tool to Capture Client Content

If you regularly need to capture client content then this post is probably the most useful article you will ever read if you want to stop this process being a real pain in the neck. Typically aimed at, but not exclusively for, web designers and developers, Content Snare helps you to get content from your clients. Typically capturing content for a website project can be a really difficult process that often holds up the project development. Are you banging your head against a brick wall trying to get content?


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Let me introduce to you a brilliant piece of software called Content Snare. Content Snare has been developed by Aktura Technology, a web app and SaaS development company based in Australia. Frontman James Rose knew that getting content from clients was a traditional bottleneck in the industry but really began to realise how big a problem it was after he interviewed 15 other web agencies to find out how hard it was and whether these agencies had a solution to the problem. They didn’t. And so, Content Snare was born.


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What does Content Snare do?

Content Snare is a software system that allows you to create a template for your client based on the site you are building for them. So you can create tabs in there for the Homepage, About page and so on. Within that page creation, you can build sections that belong to that page. Once you have created the set up for your project, the client then has access to their portal where they type in the content themselves into the content areas you have set up for them.


How does it work from the inside?

The system allows you to have as many tabs that you want for your main headings or pages and then you can drag and drop the sections you need for that page. You can enter instructions too for a client, acting as a prompt, to help guide them so that they know what content to write in each section.


What kind of content can you capture?

In addition to text, clients can add in URL links eg. for social media. They can also upload images and files that you might need for the project too.


How can you track what clients complete?

The system notifies you of what clients complete. As you work through the completed content you can approve and complete sections so it’s easy to see what is outstanding. You can create a workflow of reminders too, to help keep clients on track and all parties can know “at a glance” where they are in the project.


How did Content Snare improve the process for me?

Content Snare was a game changer! It was a simple way to put together a structure of content for my clients to help them with their own content process. The content capture process became super fast and super efficient. With one project, the time spent on capturing content was the quickest part of the project!

My client completed her website content using Content Snare in only 2 hours. She said it made her “super focused and helped her content workflow”. So, we were both winners on that project!

You can watch a video about my own process here when James Rose interviewed me about Content Snare…..


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Do you have to be a web designer to use Content Snare?

Absolutely not! Content Snare can be used by other industry types such as bookkeepers, digital marketers, coaches and engineers.


Here’s the good news!

If you’re fed up with content capture dragging your project to a standstill, then let the guys at Content Snare take away the stress and help get those projects finished in no time! Clients absolutely love it too!


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Visit Content Snare’s website to find out more!

*Affiliate disclosure – because I love Content Snare so much, and I only recommend stuff I love, I get a little thank you from them if I introduce you.

So, go take a look at how Content Snare can help your business become more effective today!

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