Client Stories

There's no-one better to tell you their stories than my clients.

Don't struggle when you don't need to...

"Eighteen months ago, with my business growing, I finally accepted I couldn’t do it all myself, and feeling stuck with wasting so much of my time trying to sort out technology issues, I signed up to Imogen’s services.

I can honestly say her knowledge and support have been invaluable, and a real breath of fresh air for my business!

Imogen has freed me up, mentally and physically, to focus more on what I’m best at, which is working one to one with my clients. In her unique rounded approach, Imogen has totally taken away the isolation of single-handledly running a business.

Her desire to support and understand my business objectives feels so genuine and I love the reassuring feeling of having her on board with me every month. I’m always so impressed with her efficiency and her desire to help with any challenge, every time above and beyond what I ever expect.

Imogen not only deals with all technology relating to my website and online courses, but she offers invaluable support and creativity with my digital marketing too. As you can tell, I really can’t recommend Imogen to you highly enough. She is quite simply amazing.

Don’t struggle when you don’t need to...get back to doing what you love in your business".

If you're considering partnering with her - DO IT!

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Imogen to plan and build an ambitious new online course platform for my flagship training program.

If you're considering partnering with her for your project—DO IT. Her creativity, energy, enthusiasm, generosity, and broad range of skills made the whole experience a joy from start to finish. Most importantly, my students are delighted with their new training platform.

Imogen is a rare breed. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Would I be brave enough to create another course?...

“I had the pleasure of working with Imogen for my copywriting course. As the least techno-friendly person you could be, I needed someone who would be simple in explaining it, take the pain away from me and leave me with a lovely product (preferably with no work to do!)

Well, in all honesty, it was a lot more work than I expected but Imogen delivered on every level. She responded to my queries quickly, she had actioned things before I had even finished informing her what needed doing it felt that she was that on the ball and she went over and above to meet my deadline, taking every curved ball in her stride. Would I be brave enough to create another course? I think if I had her beside me a second time around, perhaps I would!

Highly recommended!"

A stressful process made easy.

“I had an existing DIY website that needed a complete re-invention. Imogen was able to really understand the essence of my business, know what the end users needed as well as seamlessly take care of the technical side of things which included change of hosting and email providers, redesigning the site, making recommendations to make the site better such as re-branding.

All of this done in an effortless way, making a process that could be quite stressful an easy one. I like to have control of my site having heard so many bad stories about web designers who take on websites that they cannot then service. I feel that me and my website were and still are in safe hands with Imogen at Umbrella Digital Media.

I am most certainly going to take on a Website Care Plan with Umbrella Digital Media as the ongoing support is just what I need to keep my site evolving in an ever changing online world."

Clients say I often undersell what I do.

Imogen provided me with a wealth of information and knowledge before I had agreed to have her as my web designer. This meant she gained my trust.

Imogen was informative and helpful throughout the process. Client’s often say I undersell what I do but Imogen really managed to capture the essence of my business along with my personality.

The website and service I have received have both exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Imogen!

Having the right 'go-to' team around you is vital.

“Launching yourself as a brand is daunting, to say the least. Getting the branding right across your social media platforms for a business owner is a must so having the right ‘go-to’ team around you to support you through this process, is vital.

Having got to know Imogen at Umbrella Digital Media through an online business membership group, I had no doubts Imogen was the right lady to create my new website. I had seen and experienced Imogen’s interaction in the group along with her professionalism, caring nature and helpful advice.

Imogen took the time to understand my branding, business goals, target audience and timescales of my launch so we could agree on a time schedule for the deadlines for varying copy and images and stay on track.

Receiving regular updates at each stage of the build with clear, concise instructions for anything I needed to action was so helpful. As were the systems and processes that Imogen has in place to ensure nothing is missed.

The extra touch of sending me a ‘how-to’ video for the back end of my new website and how to upload a blog – is the professional and attention to detail that sets Imogen apart from most other website designers.

Imogen went out of her way to make sure everything was perfect, nothing was ever too much trouble and she was happy to find out related information for me that really wasn’t in her remit. I cannot recommend Imogen at Umbrella Digital Media highly enough.

Thank you so much, Imogen!”
Clare Farthing
Clare Farthing
Coach and Mentor

The process was a simple as possible.

Imogen worked with me to design and produce a PDF download for my website and throughout the process was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and approachable.

She created exactly what I wanted, made the process as simple as possible for me and also helped with other elements of my work by giving me additional advice and technical information along the way.

It was a pleasure to work with Imogen, her service was great value and I would certainly engage her services again in the near future.
Tiffany Bailey
Tiffany Bailey
Boho and Blush

The process was enjoyable.

“Imogen helped me re-build my website, set me up with Mailchimp and also helped me transfer my email domain from one provider to another (which turned out to be much more complicated than expected!).

Imogen made this process feel enjoyable. She requests information in a way that is clear, jargon-free and so that I never felt overwhelmed. I have even learned some new things! I would highly recommend Umbrella Digital Media and will look forward to working with Imogen again in the near future.

Thanks, Imogen!”
Robyn Elliot
Robyn Elliot
RJ Elliot Consultancy

I believed I could do it all myself.

“I found Imogen after posting a request for some technical help in my local business networking group.

I had been hesitating to get the help I needed believing I could do it all myself. Yet I had started to flounder in the logistical and technical know-how of launching my first audio series to help sufferers with anxiety.

Working with Imogen has been a Godsend. She is very approachable and a great communicator, with heaps of common sense! She pro-actively took the project on with bounds of enthusiasm, as if it were her own. This freed me up to focus on what I do best. I was impressed not only by her dedication to a quick turn-around but also by her technical ability to find solutions to problems. I am so delighted to have Imogen on board with me now as I grow my business online.

If you are needing some extra help to get yourself organised and moving forward, I’d wholeheartedly recommend you use Imogen’s services too!

I’d be happy to talk more directly about how Imogen has helped me”

Help every step of the way.

“I had a quick project with a tight deadline that HAD to get done and I was panicking.

Imogen stepped in and helped me every step of the way. She even added creative marketing ideas to my original plan, which really helped my project along. I am so thankful I found her, she’s fantastic!”
Lauren Sapala smiling in headshot
Lauren Sapala
Writer and Writing Coach

Generous with advice.

“Right from our initial consultation, Imogen was extremely helpful and generous with advice.

There is no way I could have done this work as quickly and smoothly as Imogen did and a lovely lady too!

Highly recommended.”

Monique Fryer
Monique Fryer
Yoga Instructor

Support empowers you to move forward.

"I knew I needed support in order to take my business to the next level.

Support empowers you to move forward – sometimes we think, ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘I should be able to do it myself’. However we always pay – either in time or money.

Finding someone to support you in your business is critical for growth. Finding someone who honours your work, understands your purpose and works alongside you to fulfil your mission and plans is another support level altogether and Imogen does this holding the space for all the technical parts and your needs as a business owner with honesty, integrity and passion.

When your business is growing, its important to work in your zone of genius. I understand Mailchimp and word press but it’s not by any means my genius zone.

To have Imogen help me with the automation piece, the nurture sequence, connecting all to my website, ensuring that my website was updated and automating the email series through Mailchimp. This meant that I can be rest assured that everything works, everything is seamless and my clients receive a flawless automated service in a world where if you haven’t mastered the online world you will be left behind.

The good news is – you do not have to master the online world – Imogen does this for you with an experienced hand, explaining everything simply and a real professional touch and finish".
Joanna Soley
Joanna Soley
Your Business Angel