Sales Funnels

Building Your Sales Funnel

You may or may not have a full understanding of what a sales funnel is. If you’re like me then you might shy away from the word ‘sales’ and think sales has to be done in a sleazy, pushy kind of way. Well if you do have that thought, then let me change your mind about it right now! 

Isn’t a Sales Funnel Sleazy?

Sales drives any business but there is a good way to do it and a not-so-good way to do it. The best kind of funnels are not sleazy or pushy in any way. Instead they are valuable and helpful in a very non-salesy kind of way. Think of your sales funnel as consisting of layers of content which helps your audience whether they are in the ‘awareness’ stage of their journey or beyond.

What Does a Sales Funnel Do?

A Sales Funnels, done in the right way, can help educate, empower and motivate your potential clients. Ultimately, you want people who come into your funnel to become clients in the long term. Not everyone will become your client but the ones who do will love you! Their loyalty and appreciation of working with you will turn them into your raving fans.

Set Realistic Expectations

So many businesses are disappointed when someone visits their website and they do not immediately become a client. That really is an unrealistic expectation. When someone visits your website for the first time, they are only starting to be aware of the problem that they have. Giving clear signposting throughout your website means that people can find the answers they are looking for. Having a sales funnel is a way to bring potential clients towards starting a conversation with you and giving them lots of help and useful consumable content in the meantime.

Do I Really Need a Funnel?

Yes! A funnel is great way to give value and earn the trust of people who visit your website. It positions you as knowledgeable and helpful to others who have a problem that you are able to solve for them. Having a funnel puts you in a good position for when a potential client is ready to seek assistance with their problem. You will be top of mind when they are ready to have a conversation and a stronger likelihood that you will convert them into becoming your client.

Here's a Typical Funnel

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Do You Want to Get Your Funnel in Place?

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