Growing Your Website

Long-term strategies to grow your website and your business online.

The Growth Phase

Growing Your Website is about putting a long-term growth strategy in place. Traditionally, once a website has been built, the project is deemed finished. My approach is to implement the long term strategies to grow your website and make it work harder for you. A website is no longer a ‘set and forget’. The build is just the very start.

There are different ways that you can implement the Growth Phase. It is tailor made to suit your needs and fit in with your goals and the outcomes you want for your business.

Growth phases can include a variety of the following: –

  • Making a plan for the creating and re-purposing content for your website.  
  • Design and creation of lead magnets that give great value to your potential clients and grow your email list.
  • Design and development of landing pages for products and services.
  • Strategy of email nurture sequences and technical implementation.
  • The Growth Phase can be short or long-term, depending on your needs. My Website Growth Plan delivers the growth phase and prices start from £499 per month, depending on project size and requirements.
  • Having an Umbrella Care Plan is a recommended minimum requirement to accompany your Growth phase to keep your website up to date, safe and secure. 

The Growth Phase usually happens after the website build has been completed. A website build can be, quite frankly, exhausting for both of us, so it’s much more productive and effective to deliver this in a further phase after the original development.

The Growth phase can be for any length of time from 3 -12 months and beyond.  It means that after the build is complete, we can re-assess the short and long term goals that you have and deliver the growth phase over a period of time. This means that you can concentrate your efforts on one phase at a time and as your business evolves. 

*The minimum commitment required for your project is a 3 month plan.

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Set Realistic Expectations

So many businesses are disappointed when someone visits their website and they do not immediately become a client. That really is an unrealistic expectation. When someone visits your website for the first time, they are only starting to be aware of the problem that they have. 

By creating resourceful and helpful content you will not only give tremendous value to your own clients and potential clients but will also establish your own credibility by demonstrating your expertise. 

When you have accountability it feels as though you have someone on board your team moving in the same direction with you. The more we work together, the deeper the level of understanding. Think of the brainstorming sessions we can have together to build the blocks for your future success!

Umbrella Digital Media Web Design
Eighteen months ago, with my business growing, I finally accepted I couldn’t do it all myself, and feeling stuck with wasting so much of my time trying to sort out technology issues, I signed up to Imogen’s services.

I can honestly say her knowledge and support have been invaluable, and a real breath of fresh air for my business!

Imogen has freed me up, mentally and physically, to focus more on what I’m best at, which is working one to one with my clients. In her unique rounded approach, Imogen has totally taken away the isolation of single-handledly running a business.

Her desire to support and understand my business objectives feels so genuine and I love the reassuring feeling of having her on board with me every month. I’m always so impressed with her efficiency and her desire to help with any challenge, every time above and beyond what I ever expect.

Imogen not only deals with all technology relating to my website and online courses, but she offers invaluable support and creativity with my digital marketing too. As you can tell, I really can’t recommend Imogen to you highly enough. She is quite simply amazing.

Don’t struggle when you don’t need to...get back to doing what you love in your business.
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Do You Want to Grow Your Website?

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