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Help with Your Website

Finding the right person to help with your website can feel overwhelming. There are many factors that go into the pot to help you choose the right web designer for you

I know that investing in a website project is a big decision. You have to be 100% sure that you are working with the right person on your project. Working on big projects takes time and patience and can test the best of relationships, so it’s important you feel comfortable with the web partner you want to work with. 

Website Success

How We Work Together

I love to help people and make their lives feel just a little bit less stressful. This brought me to work with two things I enjoy doing and that is working with technology building websites and working with people. 

Building a Relationship with You

What’s important to me is to build relationships with people I work with and in my life in general. A website is not a set and forget experience, it needs looking after once it’s been launched. It needs nurture to make it grow your business. What I like to help you with is not only the website technicalities but to help you grow with your website too, both personally and professionally.

My Purpose is to Help You

I’m not one to enjoy talking about myself too much and I’m introverted in many ways. If you feel the same then we are in good company! What I love to do is to help you get noticed online without having to be a show off and shout about yourself. It’s very noisy online and what can be soul destroying is to try to even begin to compete with that. Let’s help you play to your strengths, create content on your website and tell your potential clients how YOU can makes their lives better!

What is my Why and Why Should that Matter to You?

I always thought that my why had to be something ‘big’ and ‘profound’. What I now realise is that your why is what makes you get out of bed in the morning and helps you have the life you want. My purpose is not to have the big house and the flash car. In fact, for me that’s just the opposite. I run my business because I want to make the lives of my family better. I work my business hand in hand with being around for my children, my cats and chickens! I don’t believe in the work-life balance what I believe in is working with what you have. I am extremely motivated in my business and always strive to keep learning my trade but equally I am there for my family and having time out is just as important, if not more so, than working. After all, if you don’t take time to recharge, you’re no good to anyone. 

Don’t let Imposter Syndrome get in your way either. I can help you with that too because I’ve been there. I know what  it feels like (it doesn’t go away, you just get better at managing it). It can be pretty crippling but with the right strategies in place and the right partner by your side, you can improve how you handle it.

If you want to get to know me a bit better you can listen to my podcast interview on the Agency Trailblazer Podcast. I talk about children, cats and chickens as well as web design and my business. Listen here: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

Tell Me About You

So, tell me about you? What makes you get out of bed in the morning? How do you want that to be reflected in your website? How can you make a difference to the people you work with and want to help? 

I’d love to know more about your project and see how we might be able to work together.

I’m all ears, so if you want to get in touch and tell me a bit more about you and what you want to do then hit the button below and tell me more about you and your project.

In the meantime, let me introduce you to my chickens…

Imogen Allen How Can I Help You

I'm all ears to hear more about you and your project.

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In Safe Hands

"I had an existing DIY website that needed a complete re-invention. Imogen was able to really understand the essence of my business, know what the end users needed as well as seamlessly take care of the technical side of things which included change of hosting and email providers, redesigning the site, making recommendations to make the site better such as re-branding.

All of this done in an effortless way, making a process that could be quite stressful an easy one. I like to have control of my site having heard so many bad stories about web designers who take on websites that they cannot then service.

I feel that me and my website were and still are in safe hands with Imogen at Umbrella Digital Media. I am most certainly going to take on a Website Care Plan with Umbrella Digital Media as the ongoing support is just what I need to keep my site evolving in an ever changing online world."
Joanne Walters
Joanne Walters
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