How Can I Help?

How Can I Help Umbrella Digital Media

It's All About Relationships
Collaboration and Trust

Finding the right person to work with you on your project can feel overwhelming. It’s most certainly an issue of trust and understanding. I have always strived to build lasting relationships in life and in business. I hope that’s important to you too.

I understand that investing in a project, such as a website or membership is a big decision. You have to be 100% sure that you are working with the right person on your project.

I understand how important it is to work with someone you trust. As well as trust, you want understanding and accountability 

I want to work with businesses who want to share their knowledge with others as I would share my knowledge to help you.

Working on big projects takes time and patience and can test the best of relationships, so it’s important we are the right fit for each other.

Engage with your potential clients by offering advice and help through your website content.

Let’s explore how you can capture what you know and turn that into great consumable content for potential and existing clients. Answer commonly asked questions that your business is often asked and turn that into evergreen content.

It’s so easy to keep working hard but it’s truly not sustainable. Get working smarter by implementing some automation and processes in your business and stop reinventing the wheel. 

Make yourself available to a wider audience by creating different ways for people to work with you.

Make your website and content work hard for you to help raise your visibility above the noise.

How Can I Help Your Business?

Umbrella Digital Media

There are three different stages of working with me. Usually starting with a website build and moving through into maintenance and then into growth through funnels. 

Web Design

Let's work together to create a website to elevate your business and reach your ideal audience

Web Management

Ongoing proactive website management including content accountability as well as keeping your site safe

Sales Funnels

Creating a series of stages in your sales funnel to attract and convert your audience and give tons of value

“I had a quick project with a tight deadline that HAD to get done and I was panicking. Imogen stepped in and helped me every step of the way. She even added creative marketing ideas to my original plan, which really helped my project along. I am so thankful I found her, she’s fantastic!”
Lauren Sapala
Lauren Sapala
Writer & Writing Coach

Talk It Through

If you’re not sure what help you may need then why not talk it through. I am always happy to help and give you the right advice to get you and your tech where you need to be!

Simply complete a short brief to tell me more about your project and so we can have an informed discussion about your requirements and how I can help.