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Are you feeling confused about what makes a great homepage for your clients?

Download your copy of 'The 8 Homepage Fundamentals for Web Agencies' and get actionable steps to help your clients turn their prospects into clients.

WIF Formula homepage booklet

What are the 8 Homepage Fundamentals?

Download the guide and pave the way for an effortless project.

It’s easy to feel under pressure from clients to create a homepage that has every piece of information there is to know about their business. 

In this checklist, I’ll guide you through the 8 Homepage Fundamentals and explore why they are important and what they set out to achieve so you can confidently work with and guide your clients to build a homepage that gets their prospects ever closer to becoming their client, with as little pushback from your client as possible. 

From top to bottom, the checklist covers the core areas your client’s homepage needs to have. The optimum aim of a homepage is to:

What does this checklist cover?

What Will I Learn?

This checklist will give you an overview of ‘the what’ and ‘the why’ for creating the best homepage for your clients.

Below is a list of what you will learn which you can apply to your client projects straight away. The key takeaways are:

Get your checklist of the 8 Homepage Fundamentals with a speak-easy explanation to make the sometimes difficult a breeze to guide and explain.

Who Am I to be Telling You This?

I’m a firm believer in helping to give other people the information and help they need to make their lives easier and less stressful.

I’ve been a teacher in my career and a web designer and my purpose has always been to be the best communicator I can be and help people understand things for themselves, rather than telling them.

Explaining things in a language other people understand and being the person who tries to step into someone else’s shoes has given me such insight which I want to use and help other people improve their own learning and their lives. The WIF® Formula Series is a culmination of that insight and experience to put together a plan, a process to make things easy and to work to overcome the hurdles put in the way of getting a project off the ground.

Imogen Allen sitting at her desk at her home office

We Are Better Together

If you're considering partnering with her for your project—DO IT. Her creativity, energy, enthusiasm, generosity, and a broad range of skills made the whole experience a joy from start to finish. Imogen is a rare breed. I so dearly wish I’d had Imogen’s Website Identity Framework when I was building websites for clients, I can't recommend her highly enough.
Dave Foy portrait
Dave Foy
WordPress Educator
Before the WIF, I didn’t know where to start and couldn’t see the direction I needed to go in. The WIF is a practical, clear and constructive pathway to follow and explore the best way to present your business and what you offer to customers. I’m now full of confidence and know my way forward.

Imogen, you’re a genius! “
Charlotte Shutt
Charlotte Shutt
Brand Remarkable
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The 8 Homepage Fundamentals

for Web Agenices

Download your copy of ‘The 8 Homepage Fundamentals for Web Agencies’ and get actionable steps to help your clients turn their prospects into clients.

WIF Formula homepage booklet

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