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Why Making a New Year’s Resolution is Setting you up to Fail

It’s natural to think that as we turn the page into 2018 that we make some wonderful, life-changing resolutions to take with us. As we raise our glasses with good cheer, we celebrate the coming of a New Year and with that optimism in full flow, we set out to make some changes in our lives that we hope will make it all better. In my opinion, making New Year’s Resolutions is setting you up to fail and here are my reasons why.


Coming out of the fog

After the blur of Christmas and New Year has passed, we often emerge groggy, tired, out of routine and too full of rich foods we don’t normally eat. To go full steam ahead into some challenging resolutions or goals is simply putting yourself at the bottom of a very big and treacherous mountain to climb.

You are not in peak performance to get there. You are not fully prepared, both mentally and physically, so why put yourself in an unprepared position to begin? It’s only going to end in tears.


Resolution is simply another word for denial Click To Tweet


In my experience, a resolution is simply another word for denial. Traditionally, people “give up” something for New Year. Well, that sounds like it’s going to be a great New Year then. I’m going to give up chocolate to lose weight, I’m going to give up drinking so I feel better, and you probably will, but it’s the mentality of denial that precedes this decision which is the issue. If you decide to give something up as a resolution or totally change the way you live your life, then you will soon tire of being “not being allowed to have” or do whatever it is and so you want it more which becomes a vicious circle of the pain you feel of “giving something up”.

So, what should you do instead?

Give it a positive spin.


Make changes that are realistic

If you want to make changes in your life that are going to make you feel better, have a healthier life or achieve the life/business goals that you want to then you need to not be resolute but realistic. Having a plan is essential, as quoted by Benjamin Franklin: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” but you need small positive steps in place to take that will reign much longer than mid-January when the resolutions begin to crumble.


Have something to aim for

Try and have a clear aim for something that you want to do or achieve but make it a pretty narrow topic. Think about the end result that you want but then reverse engineer it to bring it back to the present day so you know all the small steps you need to take to get to your target. When you are faced with a series of small goals or steps, then that already feels less overwhelming and very achievable. Work in small timeframes too like 30-day or 90-day cycles.


Share your goals and aims

Tell someone you trust about your goals. They could be your partner, business partner, colleague, friend, whoever you think could be relevant to understand your topic of goal. You can ask them if you could be accountable to them too. Maybe you can exchange goals and keep each other on track to help give you that support and also means you can turn to them when the going gets tough and you can support them too. It doesn’t feel so lonely then either and makes things feel much more achievable than doing it alone.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who can support you can be an amazing thing. You have so much to give by supporting others too, don’t underestimate the value you can bring to someone else. It’s a two-way thing.


So, this year, be realistic, not resolute.

Share and give support back to others.

Talk about things with others, you never know who might have great advice to keep you on track or help you achieve those goals.

Give back to others. Help others as you would love to be helped. Not only does it make you feel good that you can make a difference to someone else, it makes them feel even better.


How do you get stuff done?

Happy New Year!


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