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Creating Your Online Course
or Membership

If you are reading this, the chances are that you are in a state of “analysis paralysis” about what the next step is to get your course or membership online. I know from experience, that once you start researching this subject you soon disappear into a rabbit hole of information with so many options and far too many choices.

Many people make the mistake of worrying about the technical side of running an online course or membership but in reality the process starts way before you get to that part. So, don’t get hung up about the technical aspect, what you need to do is to concentrate on the people you want to teach and what results they will get when they work with you.

Although, I am very much someone who would advise you to make a decision based on the “now”, rather than worry about too many “what-ifs” you may need to give some longer-term strategy to making your decision for your online course. Depending on the solution you go with, it can be harder work to undo things later on.

Let's Work It Out

If you want to have more of a conversation, then tell me more about your exciting project. Having some structure of writing it all down can really help give you the focus you need.

I’m in the business of building great relationships so when we work together and look at all aspects of getting a course or membership online, it’s a joint venture that we both care a lot about. 

If you’re ready to talk some more then Tell Me About Your Project by clicking the button below to start a conversation.

How It Works

Step 1 - Planning & Strategy

Explore your idea and begin to build your audience to decide on a membership model to work with and consider the learning outcomes you want your members to achieve.

Step 2 - Building The Platform

Content planning and creation comes next and planning the learner journey and building that into your online membership platform.

Step 3 - Member Experience

Develop an onboarding process for your students members and an online marketing plan to support your launch.

Step 4 - The Pre-Launch

The pre-launch beta phase will go through a series of checks to make sure that everything is in place before the online course membership is launched.

How Much Does It Cost?

For online course projects, they normally evolve over a period of time, so I like to work on an ongoing basis with you where you invest on a monthly basis for the duration of the project. A typical project can last between 3-6 months and beyond, depending on the support you need. 


Do You Have a Question?

See if some of my frequently asked questions can help you further. If not, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

It’s hard to say exactly as everyone has different needs and complexities. The average project can run for 3 months but it also depends what ongoing support you need after launch.

Each project is considered on a one by one basis and is personal to you and your project and will depend on complexity on a case by case basis.

No I don’t but I have the monthly arrangement set up which helps to spread the cost of the project.

You don’t need to decide about what tech you want to use for your course, that’s my job! The solution we work with gives you the flexibility that you can manage it yourself once your course is launched.

To be fair to all my clients and to ensure that I can track all communication, I prefer to communicate by email. I do also communicate via Zoom as I love to meet people face to face!

Yes all my clients receive training to make sure they are comfortable making small changes to their platform.

I follow a process for each project, taking one step at a time so that we are always clear and on track for the project. It also helps to manage any overwhelm you might be feeling and rather than give you everything all at once, we go through the process one step at a time.