How to Promote Your Lead Magnet Without Being Salesy

How to Promote Your Lead Magnet Without Being Salesy

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If you’re reading this then I am guessing that you have created and set up your lead magnet, checked that all the moving parts are connecting and it all works. Am I right? Great. 

Now you have your lead magnet all ready to rock n’ roll, you are most likely feeling stuck with knowing how to tell people about it and the best way to do that. I know you will be wondering and worrying whether anyone will even sign up for it. It is natural to feel uncomfortable about promoting your lead magnet because you don’t want to constantly fill up your social media newsfeeds ‘going on about it’ all the time and feeling uncomfortably salesy. 

To take all the worry away, this article will cover a variety of ways you can comfortably market your lead magnet and get it in front of the right people who could really benefit from the content you have put together.

By the end of this article, you will be able to put a plan together of where you will include your lead magnet and start rolling it out in those places.

Let’s look at the 5 main areas to concentrate on:

  1. Your Website
  2. Social Media
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Other ways of promotion


Promote Your Lead Magnet on Your Website

Your lead magnet can be placed in a variety of places on your website. Here is a list of different places where it could be displayed: 

The Homepage

  • In the top navigation bar of your website as a button or an image
  • Above the fold as a ‘call to action’ in button form
  • A section on the homepage with brief details about the lead magnet
  • In the footer section of the homepage

Your Blog

  • A call to action in the blog sidebar
  • Links to your lead magnet within the relevant blog article content
  • Make sure you are writing and publishing content on your blog which is sympathetic to the content in your lead magnet

Other pages

  • A resources page
  • A related service page
  • Throughout your content on the website where it is relevant and meaningful
  • Your author bio

You may be wondering whether or not you should use pop-ups on your website to promote your lead magnet. I have not included them in this list because, personally, I find them annoying. I think that pop-ups do not add any value to the transaction and can contribute to a negative user experience on the website rather than a positive one. However, it is up to you to decide what works best for you and is most helpful or appealing to the audience you are looking to attract. 


Promoting Your Lead Magnet on Social Media

It goes without saying that you want to promote your lead magnet on your social media channels. You can get clever with social media to help you do this; here is a list of ideas for using social media:-

  • Include in social media posts organically and with paid advertising. Running a series of ads on the best platform for your business can drive traffic to your lead magnet
  • On your social media profiles, you can link the URL of the landing page instead of using the homepage URL.
  • Create social media cover photos for your social profiles highlighting your lead magnet Visual Marketing: A Picture’s Worth 60,000 Words, Business 2 Community
  • Careful and appropriate sharing within social media groups can be helpful but never make it a spammy effort. Only ever share your lead magnet in circumstances where it is appropriate and within the rules of the group. Some Facebook groups, for example, have certain days when they may allow members to post their offers or links to blog articles
  • Create a video on YouTube and talk about relevant content with a call to action to your lead magnet
  • Pin your lead magnet promotion post to your Twitter profile
  • Use content snippets from your lead magnet on your social media posts
  • Keep your content mixed up on your social feeds so the promotion is balanced out by other content 


Promotion Using Your Email

You can use your email marketing platform and your regular email such as G Suite to promote your lead magnet

  • Send the lead magnet to your email list and include it in the footer of your email as a signpost to helpful resources
  • Ask your list to share details of your lead magnet with others who might find it helpful for them
  • Add your lead magnet to your email signature so that it appears as part of your sign off
  • Add details of your lead magnet on your ‘Out of Office’ notifications. 


Other Ways of Promotion

There are other ways to promote your lead magnet; here are some ideas for you to try:

  • Word of mouth. You can bring in to conversations with others about your lead magnet but make sure that it is on topic, appropriate and relevant to the conversation 
  • Highlight your lead magnet to your business and networking groups 
  • Collaborate with other businesses whose audience could benefit from your expertise and write a guest blog post or be interviewed on a podcast
  • Give talks in your network or industry 


Wrapping Up with a Plan

To begin promoting your lead magnet you need a plan of action, so here is a plan to get the ball rolling: 

  1. Start with your website. Display your lead magnet in key relevant areas on the site
  2. Use social media. Repurpose the content from your lead magnet with a balance between promotional and helpful
  3. Explore options you have to utilise specific features on the social platforms you use, such as bio URL links or visual banners
  4. Tell your email subscribers about the lead magnet and include signposting to your resource at the bottom of your email
  5. Maximise your email signature and out of office replies
  6. Write a list of offline opportunities where you can add value and share the knowledge you have to help others but never in a pushy salesy way

Your lead magnet promotion is an ongoing project and some opportunities may not present themselves straight away. Always keep in mind how your lead magnet information could be of great help to someone else and use it wisely and considerately. 

If you want to get started on your lead magnet project and want to learn how to put it all together, my article What is a Lead Magnet and Why Do You Need One on Your Website? will give you all the information you need to get started. 

If you have a great lead magnet idea and want to partner with someone who can help you deliver it, I would love to know more about your project. Simply send a quick project brief to me and we can have a conversation.


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