A Review: No Fear Funnels by Dave Foy

Review: No Fear Funnels – An Online Course by Dave Foy

This article is aimed at web designers and developers working in the WordPress space who want to be able to work with clients to help them achieve long-term, customer-focused growth strategies in their business.

Having been a student of Dave Foy’s, No Fear Funnels course for some time, I wanted to write a review of the course, what it’s about and what outcomes participants are likely to achieve after taking the course.


.No Fear Funnels A Review


A Review:  No Fear Funnels

Who is the No Fear Funnels Course Aimed at?

  • The course is aimed at ambitious non-coder, non-marketer designers using WordPress and Elementor. Although, I think anyone working in the WordPress space who builds websites would benefit from this course.
  • Web designers who want to elevate their business and win better clients. The course provides the tools to be able to work with clients to help them grow their businesses through customer-focused funnels for future growth.
  • Web designers who want to go beyond the tech and get to grips with what makes a successful sales funnel using a variety of skills such as sales psychology, customer profiling and conversion rate optimisation.
  • Web designers who are looking to enhance lead generation through the websites they build, without the sleaze.


What is the Course About?

The course is about how to build intelligent websites that generate a continual return on investment for you and your clients.

By working through 7 modules each with bite-sized, engaging video lessons, you will learn:

  • What is a sales funnel?
  • How to plan a sales funnel
  • What makes the most effective sales funnel and how to create one?
  • How to use customer-focused email marketing strategies to build relationships and add value
  • The principles, theories, and concepts behind successful sales pages and how to put it into practice
  • How to attract the right kind of traffic to your funnel
  • How to track and analyse the performance of your funnel

The course gives you the tools and knowledge to develop and offer additional services to your own clients to help them grow their business. With dedicated application on your part, the course elevates you to win better clients, become the ‘go to’ in your field and run a more profitable business.

The knowledge you gain means you can really add value and demonstrate expertise to the clients you work with and form the basis of developing long-term client relationships.


No Fear Funnels is Right for You If: –

✔  You enjoy creating websites but have no confidence or gaps in your knowledge when it comes to marketing.

✔  You want to elevate your business away from the crowded web design marketplace.

✔  You know how to create websites but you want to be able to help clients continue to grow their business and your own.

✔  You want to be able to attract better clients to work with you and increase your income and profitability.

✔  You want to maximise the everyday tools you use like WordPress and Elementor.


“I have completed other email marketing and funnels courses in the past but Dave’s teaching style and attention to detail simply surpasses anything I have taken before. No Fear Funnels has really helped me help my clients.

If you are looking for a “hands-on” step by step approach to take you through both the theory and practicality of creating a sales funnel, then this course is for you.”
Imogen Allen
Imogen Allen


How is the Course Delivered?

  1. Dave’s teaching is delivered in an informative ‘over-the-shoulder’ practical style so you can follow his step by step instructions and apply them in a real-life scenario.
  2. The course is delivered in bite-sized and easy to digest videos, supported by easy to access resources, including templates and checklists.
  3. Through regular live Q&A sessions where you have the opportunity to ask your questions.
  4. Via a friendly Facebook Group, the go-to place to ask for help, support and feedback in a safe environment.
  5. You will also have access to additional bonus content available only to members from Dave himself and his trusted associates and colleague.


Why I Recommend No Fear Funnels

Dave Foy No Fear Funnels

Meet Dave Foy

Dave Foy combines his passion and 10-years teaching experience with his 20+ years’ experience in web design to deliver his down to earth, non-sleazy approach to marketing that your clients and the clients of your clients are going to love!

The No Fear Funnels course has an easy-to-follow teaching style delivered in bite-sized chunks with an action plan for each module.

I believe this course will help you to gain better clients to work with, generate better results for your clients and in your own business. That’s a win-win!

The course gives you the knowledge and toolset so you can map out a customer-focused funnel journey for your clients. You’ll know how to support them every step of the way from the initial planning to the end delivery.

Dave wants each one of his students to be successful and the desired outcome is for students to create and implement tried and tested ways to apply customer-focused marketing funnels.

Dave Foy is a truly sincere individual who delivers an outstanding course and who goes ‘above and beyond’ to help his students.


How Much Does ‘No Fear Funnels’ Cost?

From June 2019, the No Fear Funnels course will cost $497 for lifetime access with access to future updates relating the 7 core foundations of the course.

The course normally only has 2 or 3 intakes per year so is not open all year round. This is so Dave can give his undivided attention to settle each group of newcomers into the course and ensure they are supported as they start the course.

You can take the course at your own pace, there’s no timescale for completion.


Applying the Lessons from No Fear Funnels in Real Life


A Case Study

I worked closely with Anxiety Consultant and specialist Lisa Skeffington on her Anxiety Email Series project. Lisa wanted to be able to offer prospective clients to tap into her many years of experience as well as ultimately bring them closer to becoming students on her online course How to Overcome Anxiety and Take Control in 30 Days.

Lisa wanted to be able to share her knowledge and help people who struggle with anxiety. She offered an effective lead magnet ’10 Simple Strategies to Get You Through the Day’ through her website as a practical way to help to take the first steps to overcome anxiety.  The lead magnet itself was not a stand-alone solution but was further supported by a 7-step email support series delivered over 7 days.

The series delivered helpful resources including videos as well as techniques that could be implemented by the reader in the comfort of their own home. As the series progressed, people had the opportunity to move onto the online course towards the end of the series. Lisa’s ultimate aim was to help as many people as possible through the anxiety series itself and move those who were ready to take the next step by joining the online course.

During this project, I applied the techniques I learned on the No Fear Funnels course. I guided Lisa to put together the email series in an empathetic customer-centred focus way and created the landing page and lead magnet PDF as part of the project.

You Can View the Project Here


Lisa Skeffington Landing Page


Is the No Fear Funnels Course for You?

If this course sounds like the perfect fit for you, then you can jump on the waitlist for when the course next opens in June 2019. 


There’s definitely no ‘fear’ in the No Fear Funnels course!


Visit the website and join the ‘Waitlist’ now.


Want some more info about my experience? Feel free to ask me a question.


I like to be transparent so I’m letting you know that if you sign up to Dave’s course through my blog, I’ll get a little thank you from him to go and buy a lovely cup of coffee and a yummy sandwich. I only love to review and promote people and products I trust and love!

Imogen Allen

Imogen Allen

I work with businesses to develop websites which create the best customer journey. A website which will help, inform and transform prospects into clients by sharing knowledge and building trust with a human approach.

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