How It Works

For a project to go well, it is crucial to work with someone who is the right fit for you and your business. 

I like to talk and find out as much as I can about you and your business and what your aims and goals are for your project.

Building a website is also building a business relationship. A website project can be demanding in terms of commitment and extra work for you when you are already busy so the relationship needs to be right for us to work together and to make your website build a breeze! 

If you think you are a great fit and would like to find out more about working together on a project, then simply apply below.

Are you ready get your teaching online? Let’s dive in!

The Discovery Phase

The biggest and most important part of any website is discovering why you want a website built and what you want it to do for your business. I help you get to the bottom of your WHY to start the beginnings of your website journey.

If you’ve lost your way or outgrown your existing website this is the perfect place to start with discovering the next stage of growth for your business. 

The Structure Phase

Once all the information from the Discovery Phase has been gathered, a sitemap is created to give you an idea of what kind of structure your website will have. 

The structure will give an overview of the elements that will be included on the website to meet the needs of the website and your business. 

The Content and Design Phase

Once the site structure has been created, we can get clear on the copy that you will need to add to the website. You can create your own copy, employ your own copywriter or you can add my copy services into your web build. 

The design will reflect the copy that will go onto the website and bring to life your branding and personality to really engage with your website visitors, making it really clear what you want them to do when they visit your website. 

Pre-launch Phase

The pre-launch phase will go through a series of checks to make sure that everything is in place before the website is launched.

Once you have completed this phase, you will be ready to launch your website to the world! 

Your Online Course

If you have an Online Course, or are looking to build one, we will explore what mechanisms can be put in place to help grow your community or make your current set up more streamlined. 

You can explore the possibilities of a variety of options both within WordPress and with third party providers. 

"I undersell what I do but Imogen really managed to capture the essence of my business along with my personality. The website and service I have received have both exceeded my expectations.
Thank you, Imogen!"
Gemma Underwood
Gemma Underwood
Holistic Therapist

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