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Building your website is just the beginning of the relationship. Once your site is up and running, I still like to take care of you. After all, you’re busy with your business. This is where my Website Maintenance Care Plans come in.

Whilst you are busy growing your business, I am busy making sure all the moving parts keep running beautifully. I also help you keep those pesky nasties away from your website that can cause problems.

Your website is always a work in progress. Just like a car, it needs regular servicing to make it run efficiently and safely.

It also needs to grow with you and evolve. As your business changes, so does your business. You need to make sure that your website continues to reflect that too. I can simply oil the wheels on a continual basis and make sure your website is keeping any vulnerabilities at bay or provide you with a more “hands-on” and proactive role to make sure your website grows with you and gives you peace of mind.

Caring for Your Website


You can take advantage of any of our Website Care Plans which will guarantee give you the peace of mind for your website to remain secure and up to date at all times. There are three different Plans to choose from to suit your needs and requirements. All of them will give you peace of mind knowing that your website is being taken care of.


What are the benefits of having a Website Maintenance Care Plan?

  • Your website software will always be up to date
  • Your site will have secure backups so that it can be restored quickly if anything goes wrong
  • Your website will have constant security monitoring to keep away vulnerabilities that could harm your website
  • You will have email support when you need it
  • Your website will be regularly cleaned and updated to keep it running fast and smooth
  • You have nothing to lose as there is no minimum tie in period, cancel anytime
  • You can stay with your current domain hosting although I can recommend hosting if you need it
  • 24/7 monitoring so that your website is always up and running
  • Monthly reporting so you know how your website has been looked after
  • Different levels of care are available to suit individual requirements
  • Build a trusting business relationship with someone who understands you and your business and cares as much as you do

Pick the best care plan for you

If you’re not sure whether you need a Website Maintenance Care Plan, then ask yourself the following questions…

✔ Is your website critical to your business?

✔ Would you know what to do if your website went down?

✔ Do you know how to make sure your website is safe and secure?

✔ Do you know how to perform the software updates on your website?

✔ Do you keep putting off updating your website because you don’t know how to use WordPress?

✔ Do you waste hours, day and nights, working out how to update your website?

✔ Would you rather be working with your clients and building your business than trying to keep on top of your website?

✔ Is your content out of date and in desperate need of an update?

✔ Are you looking to outsource your website work to another business who you can rely on?

✔ Do you just want someone you can trust to take over and manage it all for you?

Finding someone you trust to support you, your business and your website can be a big worry. My passion is to build websites and build business relationships, that means looking after your business as if it were my own.

I approach my work with the dedication as if it were my own and I like to be a sounding board for clients too to help them work through their ideas.

Happy Clients

Here’s how some of our clients feel about us working together….

Imogen Allen

“I cannot recommend Imogen highly enough. To say I am absolutely over the moon is an understatement! Thank you so much, Imogen.”

Clare Farthing

Coach and Mentor

“Imogen stepped in and helped me every step of the way and really helped my project along. I am so thankful I found her, she’s fantastic!”

Lauren Sapala

Writer and Writing Coach

“Right from our initial consultation, Imogen was extremely helpful and generous with advice. Highly recommended.”

Monique Fryer

Yoga Coach

“Working with Imogen has been a Godsend.  She is very approachable and a great communicator, with heaps of common sense! ”

Lisa Skeffington

Consultant Psychotherapist


WordPress Software and Core Updates


Get lots of support – you’re not on your own!


No plan tie-in, you can cancel anytime!


Always keeping your WordPress site backed up

If you would like to tell me more about your current website and the support that you need, just click the Apply Here button below to complete a short questionnaire to give me an outline of your current arrangements and any ongoing issues you might have. It also gives me the perfect opportunity to find out more about you and whether we could be a good fit to work together.

If we proceed to the next step, I would need to perform an audit on your website so I can establish more detail, identify any problems and come back to you with an outline of solutions for you. A small audit charge will be made to undertake this and we can then have a discussion about the options available to you and how I could assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take out a Website Maintenance Care Plan even if my website was not built by you?

Yes you can! I would need to undertake an audit of your website and see if we are a good fit to work together and which plan would suit your needs best. An audit fee will be made for this service which will give you suggested solutions as to how to proceed. Simply complete the Website Support Questionnaire to tell me more!

Can I roll over the ticket minutes from one month to the next if I don't use them?

No. The dedicated time is allocated per month and cannot be carried over. It’s important that I have allocated time set aside for each priority client each month.

What happens if my site gets hacked whilst under your Maintenance Care Plan?

If your site were to become hacked or infected with malware, this is outside of the scope of the Maintenance Care Plan. I will liase with you and your hosting company to help resolve the situation should this occur but I am not responsible for cleaning a hacked site. This is an expert field which should be processed by those who have the expertise. I do advise all clients to ensure that they have malware security in place through their hosting company that will cover them should this situation occur.

What is included in the support ticket element?

You can make small changes to your website such as content changes, small design alterations, add calendar events or upload a blog post that you have already provided the content and images for. Any bigger changes such as new pages will be subject to an additional costing based on the requirements of the project.

Can I really cancel anytime?

Yes, you can. Simply contact me to cancel your plan. On cancellation, you will need to be made aware of the minimum requirements that you will need to do yourself to keep your site secure and in good working order.

Are there any add-on services you offer?

Yes, there are add-on services that I offer such as email marketing creation and set up as well as PDF design, perfect for any opt-ins you create. These services would be outside of the scope of the Website Maintenance.

How do the Support Calls work on the Business Pro Plan?

We have a monthly call, a date for which is set in advance each month. The call allocated time is 60 minutes per month which can be two shorter calls of 30 minutes if preferred. We follow an agenda and I encourage you to keep track of all the questions that come up in the intervening times so I can address everything during the call. There will be email follow up after the call to help keep you on track and address any queries. These calls can be used as a sounding board for a variety of elements in your business and to make your website work hard for you.

I would like to talk more about your plans, what do I do next?

The next step is to take a few minutes to complete my Website Support Questionnaire and I can take some more information from you to see whether we would be a good fit to work together and how I can support you.

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