Why Website Maintenance Can Keep you Looking Good

Why Website Maintenance Can Keep you Looking Good

If you think about life in general everything we do has an element of having to keep things ticking over. We need to take regular exercise to keep our bodies mobile and healthy, we need to mow the lawn and weed the borders to keep the garden looking nice, we must brush and floss our teeth to keep them looking good and stop them falling out. Your WordPress website is no different.

If we don’t regularly maintain ourselves, our garden or our website, then things can get pretty messy! If you think about all the things I have mentioned, we also need to do a little bit of maintenance on a regular basis. The more often we do them, the less of a chore they will be and less work at the time. If you leave everything too long and do it all in one go, you’ll end up injuring yourself whilst you’re exercising, spending all day in the garden exhausted or end up with a broken website because you’ve tried to update everything in one go.

Website maintenance on a regular basis will keep your website operating at its most efficient. It will also keep away those nasty vulnerabilities that can happen with WordPress websites if you’re not on the ball.


So what should you update on your website?

  • Your WordPress core version should always be up to date
  • Your plugins should be updated on a regular basis and check that they are fully supported by the developers that make them
  • Your website should be regularly backed up so that if anything does happen to can restore a previous version of your website
  • Monitoring the “uptime” on your website so you know if your site goes down
  • Monitor and optimise your website so it runs as fast and smooth as it can
  • Comment moderation on your site
  • Scans to check for any infected files or malware
  • Check that everything is working and looks right on the front end of your website and fix anything that’s broken or not working


All these things are the minimum that you should be doing on your website to make sure it’s safe, secure and working to its optimum at all times.

If you’re new to WordPress all this can seem quite overwhelming but there’s lots of great support and knowledge out there to help you put your own maintenance structure in place. Check out WP Beginner’s helpful guide to WordPress Security as a great starting point.

If you’re pretty good with WordPress and are making sure you regularly take action with some of the points above then it’s a good time to review what you do and see if there’s more you can do to improve.

Whatever your set up is, you might just need someone to manage it all for you. If you feel overwhelmed with everything or just don’t have the time to dedicate to keep it all up to date, then outsourcing it to someone who can do all of that for you might be just what you’re looking for.

With a passion for managing your website as if it were my own, that’s where I can help.

If you want to look after your business and look after your website and want to know more then get in touch!

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Imogen Allen

Imogen Allen

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2 thoughts on “Why Website Maintenance Can Keep you Looking Good”

  1. Thanks Imogen, enjoyed you post. Always dificult to convince clients about the importance paying for updating their sites. We use a few specialist monitoring and security services to help us.

    • Thank you Derryn for taking the time to read my article. I agree it’s hard to convince clients although it soon becomes clear when things go wrong! Specialist tools can help us do our jobs more effectively and efficiently and that’s a crucial element for sure.

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