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The Website Process

The website process is a series of stages where we work closely together so I can create tailor-made solutions to benefit your business. Just as everyone is unique, so is your business. I want to provide the perfect solution for your business so that your website achieves your goals. Your website will:

  • Make it easy for your website visitors to go back and forth and find what they are looking for
  • Eliminate the need for the same questions being asked over and over again by different customers about your services
  • Be a fast website for your visitors even if you use lots of images
  • Increase the number of people who find you on Google
  • Be easy for you to manage your own updates
  • Be able to include elements for your unique business needs
  • Capture the interest and give the value of your expertise to your visitor
  • Responsive design easy to navigate on any computer, iPad or smartphone
  • Make sure your website is GDPR friendly

Your website is all about your business and providing visitors with clear and compelling information about how you can help them.

Websites are quoted on a case by case basis dependent on needs and complexity and prices start from £1,800.

Clients I Have Worked With

Clare Farthing

Clare Farthing

Success Coach and Mentor

OnTarget Massage

Holistic Therapist

Audacity Responsive Image

Jess Collins

Writer of the Audacity Course

The Sober Angel Website

The Sober Angel

Sober Coach and Mentor

Looking After You

If you want to have more of a conversation, then tell me more about your exciting project. Having some structure of writing it all down can really help give you the focus you need.

I’m in the business of building great relationships so when we work together and build your website, it’s a joint venture that we both care a lot about. That’s why I want to keep on supporting you you you have the peace of mind and someone you trust to “go to” for your website support.


A project can normally be turned around in 4-6 weeks as long as both parties keep to the timetable agreed

Each project is considered on a one by one basis and is personal to you and your project. You need to have a good idea of what your budget is to start with but when you complete the Website Questionnaire you will have the opportunity to explore this further. As a guide, prices start from around £1800 but this is then dependent on the individual project requirements.

No but the website costs are broken down into 3 phases of payment with 50% of the total project cost taken before the project commences

You don’t need to know about tech or what tech you want to use on your website, that’s my job. What you do need to know is what you want your website goals to be and what you want it to achieve for your business. The mechanics of how you achieve that are for me to worry about and find the best solutions for your business

To be fair to all my clients and to ensure that I can track all communication, I only communicate by email. I do also communicate via Zoom by prior appointment.

Yes all my clients receive training to make sure they are comfortable making small changes to their website.

I follow a process for each website build, taking one step at a time so that we are always clear and on track for the project. It also helps to manage any overwhelm you might be feeling and rather than give you everything all at once, we go through the process one step at a time. Read more about How It Works