Why you Need to Be You

Why You Need To Be You

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Times are tough right now.

Wherever you are in the world right now, we have a lot going on with getting through day to day in a global pandemic. Here in the UK, we have been in strict lockdown for about 6 weeks now and no end in sight at the moment. It’s hard for everyone, and for some, devastating.

In your experience during this last year, do you think you have got to know a different side to people who you already know?

Or have you met new people where there’s no need to ‘put on a show’ or hide behind a ‘persona’ you’ve created? In general, this has been my experience, and I think it’s also a huge lesson to learn from, I know it’s taught me a lot.

In our marketing, on our websites, we are told how we must try to ‘stand out from the crowd’, ‘differentiate ourselves’ and then go on a ‘journey’ to try and figure it all out.

That sounds like hard work to me. Off we go, trying to ‘find’ how we can do that when the answer is staring us right in the face.

Why You Need To Be You
(on your website and probably in life)


Here’s a story. 

I’m looking for a VA.

I need someone who shares my values, my mindset as well as having the right skill set to help me. So, off I go to do some research. I have some experience of the VA world as that’s how I started my own journey into the digital world 6 years ago, so I like to think I have a head start on what to expect when I started looking.

Oh boy, how wrong my expectations were.

I spent over 4 hours looking through lots of websites. If I had to count, maybe 25 or more websites. Some were split between a faceless VA agency type and some (most) were small or solo businesses.

Every website said the same old thing.

Every website made the same old promises.

Every website had a similar offer of packages.

Every website played on the same problem I supposedly had.

Every website offered too many services.

Every website left me feeling disappointed and there had to be a better way.

Now, this article is not meant to offend any VA who might be reading (please, please don’t be offended, this will apply to every sector, whether you’re a web designer, marketer or an estate agent).

The truth is that every single VA behind every single one of these websites…

  • Has something unique to offer
  • Has a unique way of how they can help me, not measured by the tasks they do
  • Has a unique skill or understanding to bring to the table
  • Has a unique experience of where they are today and the journey they have been on
  • Has a unique personality which can truly shine
  • Is 100% unique

So, why don’t I know what makes them different to another?

I didn’t even know what they looked like because many used stock photography on their websites of teams and offices I know don’t even exist.

Personality makes someone different from another, life experience makes someone different from another, we are all different from one another and that is to be celebrated and not hidden away.

I know it’s not so easy to stop hiding behind how you ‘think you should be’, ‘how you should act’, the ‘persona’ you should have. There’s no formula. The answer is right in front of you.

It’s you.

Be you.

Find you.

Trust in you.

Be yourself.

Let people know who you are.

It doesn’t mean you have to tell them your life story.

It doesn’t mean to have to act in the way you think you should and keep up ‘appearances’.

Be yourself and the right people will find you. You’ll repel the people you don’t want to work with because not everyone is your client. That is ok.

If you’re struggling with this yourself or in the work you do for your clients, there’s help at hand:

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So, take heart and have the courage to be YOU. 

PS. If you’re a dear WIF Friend, then let me know how you are getting on with it. Let me know if you’ve gone through it on your own business. Tell me here.

PPS. If you’re a web agency who is fed up dealing with the stress of getting content from your clients, then this is for you.

Imogen Allen

Imogen Allen

I'm a Website Strategist and the creator of The WIF®, on a quest to help stop projects waiting on content for all web agencies once and for all. Passionate about helping others find their website identity and championing websites which speaks to humans in a language they understand.

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